MailList Controller Free

MailList Controller Free Version 12.8 Free

A solution for managing your mails, bulk mail, sending personalized mails, email marketing and email newsletter

Do you receive a lot of emails and have no idea on how to get them managed? Looking for something, some kind of software which can manage all your mails automatically? Here is then software which can help you with your important emails.
MailList Controller is the software that will help you out in this process. It provide you following services:
• Bulk mail
• List management of mailing email
• Email marketing
Along with this software is email newsletter that is designed to send customized email messages, manage various mailing lists, email newsletter announcement, services, and group and support mails.
MailList Controller provides all the services of current and up-to-date newsletter management, automation of list and opt-in email marketing. The software of email newsletter and the marketing software of opt-in email run on the machines of MS windows.
SMTP email is the fast and most reliable software that works with the mail server of SMTP and supports many authentication methods like:
• SMTP/ESMTP authentication
• Startle
• Pop before the SMTP &
• Directory mode of IIS Pickup
The Rich text personalized HTML messages of email newsletter can be composed in MIME format (plain-text) with the help of message editor of belt-in WYSIWYG.
MailList Controller can also import the HTML files; add file attachments and inline images.
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